2704, 2016

Congratulations 2015 LWCC Safest 70 Award Recipients

April 27th, 2016|

Gray, Louisiana – April 25, 2016 – NVI is pleased to announce that our company has been chosen, for the third year in a row, as one of the top 70 safest companies in 2015 by LWCC (Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation). The selection process for this award begins with companies purchasing more than $20,000 of workman's compensation insurance from LWCC for the last 5 years and has an Experience Modifier Rating Lower than 1.00 for the last 2 years. There are more than 16,500 policy holders of LWCC and there are only 70 awards issued making it a prestigious award. Companies are recognized for the excellence, outstanding performance, and commitment to workplace safety. NVI would like to thank all of our dedicated employees as well as our clients for their commitment to safety. Without teamwork, NVI would not be able to establish the safety culture it is able to maintain.

2202, 2016

SPOTON® U TECHNOLOGY – An Important Tool for Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

February 22nd, 2016|

Gray, Louisiana - February 22, 2016 -  1. Corrosion in the oil and gas industry is a very important issue: Corrosion monitoring is an important topic with the oil and gas industry as the cost of corrosion in the industry sector in the USA alone is estimated to be in excess of 27 billion USD (according to NACE International). Corrosion can present itself in many types of structures, can be external and internal, with different shapes and may be caused by several different chemical reactions. Therefore, one must be aware of which issue is likely to be present in a specific case well before corrosion monitoring can be implemented. A previous article by A3 Monitoring (Comparison of Corrosion Monitoring tools in the oil and gas Industry) dealt with explaining how different technologies could be used together to complement each other in order to minimize risk and costs. In this article, we will focus solely on the issue of internal corrosion. Other corrosion issues will be dealt with in future articles. Please see the official White Paper below. SpotOn U Technology

401, 2016

NVI, LLC Partners with A3 Monitoring as Sole Provider in the United States

January 4th, 2016|

Gray, Louisiana – January 4, 2016  - NVI, LLC, Nondestructive & Visual Inspection, officially announces its distribution, deployment and development agreement of a new state-of-the-art technology, “SpotOn®” Remote Monitoring. By teaming with A3 Monitoring through a long term agreement and being the sole provider in the United States, James Cloutier, Chief Executive Officer at the NVI companies, is confident that these systems provides a best in class, reliable, and low cost solution for real time monitoring of pipelines, pressure vessels, liquid storage systems as well as other systems in a high or medium consequence area(s).  With deployment of this technology comes a reduction in operating costs, as there will be no need to continually mobilize inspectors to meet compliance, as well as a decrease in costs associated with accessing remote areas. The remote monitoring packages offered are true turnkey, noninvasive solutions geared at achieving regulatory compliance and extending the life of the asset. This new technology will provide sufficient inspection to assets that are subject to the higher probability of corrosion, erosion, stress cracking, leaks, third party damage and or located in high consequence areas such as river crossings, road crossings, and public gathering areas that [...]

2311, 2015

NVI, LLC Appoints New Vice President & General Manager of Industrial Services

November 23rd, 2015|

Houma, Louisiana – November 13, 2015 – NVI, LLC, Nondestructive & Visual Inspection, announced today its appointment of Kyle Stell as Vice President & General Manager of Industrial Services.  Kyle comes with a wealth of experience within the Industry, having spent the last several years at Accuren, the largest NDT provider in North America, where he was instrumental in developing numerous key accounts in the industrial sectors of both energy and non-energy related markets.  While NVI has been broadening its asset integrity, direct assessment, heat treatment, and metallurgical service lines, Kyle has decided to join NVI at culmination of its latest achievement-- the launch of an exclusive remote monitoring service line supported by the A3 Monitoring ( lineup.  In addition, Kyle will have intricate involvement in expanding Pipeline Safety & Compliance, a wholly owned subsidiary of NVI, LLC. Kyle joins NVI, LLC as Vice President of Industrial Services to continue NVI’s strategic success in providing industrial companies with an asset life partner. Kyle comments “I am excited to start a new challenge within NVI, LLC and look forward to working with the team to further develop their already extensive products and service lines. I am fortunate to be joining such [...]

807, 2015

Advancing Mechanical Integrity Service Offerings

July 8th, 2015|

Gray, Louisiana - July 1, 2015 - Nondestructive and Visual Inspection has announced the strengthening of its Mechanical Integrity service offering.  Executives within the organization have valued the commitment for expansion at over 5 million dollars in order to assist its clientele with complying with upcoming government regulation aimed at improving the monitoring and repair of aging pipeline and facility infrastructure.  James Cloutier, NVI’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated that the investment would encompass both “cutting edge technologies such as laser imaging, remote satellite monitoring, FAA licensed aerial surveillance technology combined with our long standing patent pending traceability programs to our best in class Mechanical Integrity programs.” Our goal is to partner with our customer for the life of an asset. NVI, LLC can document compliance, design criteria, and provide useful life for nearly any asset with a multitude of proprietary technologies. David Thoman, Director of Mechanical Integrity, has hired key employees such as, Mike Duffy, Director of Pipeline Integrity-- Direct Assessment and Kevin Tanner, Mechanical Integrity Operations Manager, to lead the ongoing development of its workforce specializing in both in-service inspection methods, risk based analysis, corrosion monitoring, and direct site assessment surveys. View Official Press Release [...]

806, 2015

Expanding NDE Footprint in Denver Market

June 8th, 2015|

Northglenn, Colorado - June 8, 2015— NVI, LLC, a locally owned, a nationwide industrial solutions provider, has officially announced their expansion into the Denver market. NVI, LLC’s newest facility located at 405 West 115th Avenue, Unit #6 Northglenn, CO, will serve as base of operations for NVI, LLC’s service lines such as traditional and advanced NDE, mechanical integrity, cathodic protection, remote monitoring, heat treatment, direct site assessment (ILI verification), welder qualification services as well as compliance services such as document control and traceability systems. Since 2004, NVI, LLC continues to grow throughout the Continental U.S. by attracting and selecting key management who share in its vision and culture. To facilitate this further expansion in the Midcontinent. The company has employed a management team tasked with expanding its geographic presence and further enhancing its quality image. James Cloutier, NVI, LLC’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated “NVI is honored to have such a talented group of individuals join our team in an effort to build upon our growing footprint and continue our mission of absolute customer satisfaction.” View Official Press Release

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