Congratulations 2014 LWCC Safest 70 Award Recipients

NVI, LLC is pleased to announce that our company has been chosen, for the second year in a row, as one of the top 70 safest companies in 2014 by LWCC (Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation). The selection process for this award begins with companies purchasing more than $20,000 of workman’s compensation insurance from LWCC for the last 5 years, and has an Experience Modifier Rating lower than 1.00 for the last 2 years.   Please see the official press release below. Read More »

2015 DUG Bakken and Niobrara DUGGIE Award Winners

We are pleased to announce that NVI, LLC was chosen as the 2015 DUG Bakken and Niobrara “Best Use of Social Media” DUGGIE award winner. NVI, LLC would also like to congratulate the other award recipients that won 2015 DUG Bakken Niobrara DUGGIE Awards. Hart Energy offers all DUG exhibitors a chance to win one of the DUGGIE awards for multiple categories. Please see the official press release below. Read More »

NVI, LLC Converts Entire Fleet to CNG

NVI, LLC, a locally owned, nationwide industrial solutions provider, has announced the completion of Phase 1 of its compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet conversion project. Phase 1 represented a conversion of over 80 vehicles in its fleet to run on CNG.  This represents a conversion of 45% of its fleet and is a major milestone among its management team. NVI's Corporate Fleet Manager, Corey Harris....   Please see the official press release attached. Read More »

Congratulations 2013 LWCC Safest 70 Award Recipients

NVI, LLC is pleased to announce that our company has been chosen as one of the top 70 Safest companies in 2013 by LWCC (Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation). LWCC has approximately 16,000 policyholders....   Please see the official press releases attached. Read More »

Congratulations 2014 DUG Bakken and Niobrara Bingo Winners

NVI, LLC would like to congratulate its General Manager, Josh Griffin, for winning the Bingo grand Prize, a 2013 Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two, at the 2014 DUG Bakken and Niobrara Conference. We would also like to congratulate Guy Henninger with Inova Software and Joe Gillis with Nabors for winning second and third prize. NVI, LLC attended...     Please see the official press release attached.   Read More »

NVI congratulates Prakash on Nomination into ASNT CMC

NVI would like to congratulate Prakash Pahilajani on his ASNT CMC Nomination November 6, 2013. Prakash presented a paper at the ASNT Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 7, 2013. His presentation covered Training and Education and he focused on Ethics of NDE Inspectors. Our company is very proud to have someone like Prakash to represent NVI in a great way. Please see ASNT Presentation Prakash  and Education and training Issues Read More »

Can’t Be Radiographed, Just Ultrasonically Inspect It…

Can't Be Radiographed, Just Ultrasonically Inspect It Rodger "Don" Adams R ight or wrong, “If it can’t be radiographed, just ultrasonically inspect it” has been a thought for decades. Now the comment is, “It’s not accessible for radiography. There isn’t ample scanning room for manual ultrasonics — do phased array.” Phased array inspection is a great tool for an NDT company to have in its toolbox.   Phased array is an ultrasonic inspection process to generate and receive sound waves. The same physics laws apply to phased array applications as conventional ultrasonics — attenuation, propagation, refraction, mode conversion and response to reflectors dependent upon orientation in respect to the sound wave energy, just to mention a few. The how and why phased array works will not be discussed.   The industrial application of phased array has been around for a couple of decades. Originally, the high pricing of the equipment and lack of skilled operators were deterrents to the methodology. With innovations and competition by manufacturers for smaller, hand-held systems, the equipment has become more affordable. Improvement in hardware and software applications has made the equipment more user friendly and therefore easier to use and operate.   Whether an S,… Read More »

Mechanical Integrity Office to Petroleum Tower Lafayette, La

The Mechanical Integrity Division is proud to announce that we have relocated into Lafayette’s premier oil and gas office building, The Petroleum Tower.  This transitional move for our division is a result of dynamic increased demand for our customized reports and proactive cost effectiveness of the program.  This division is cutting edge in technology and strives to exemplify our motto “Quality on the Move.” We have a tight team of professionals who have pulled together, creating great success with the inspection and reporting flow. We are entering the fall season with a variety of upcoming projects for new clients. These opportunities are both land based and offshore, therefore various types of inspections will be conducted. We welcome our new team members, and are excited about this entire group (field and office). We look forward to many years of shared successes. Read More »

NVI’s New Pipeline Inspection Device

NVI’s Pipeline Integrity Group, under the direction of Prakash Pahilajani, has successfully built and tested its first generation prototype Cross Country Pipeline Real Time Digital Radiography System, the NVI RT1x. Our research and development of this exciting technology has demonstrated it will greatly increase the speed of production radiography on pipelines while dramatically reducing exposure to radiation to employees and the general public. Once testing is completed, the new RT1x will boast high resolution, high sensitivity images in less time than conventional radiography. Minimal calibration time will be needed in comparison to other digital units. In addition, users will enjoy user friendly software with no special software necessary to view a transferred image. The RT1x system is one fourth the size of our competitor’s current model that does not use the TDI technology. This marks the first time that TDI (Time Delay Integration) cameras are used for cross country pipeline inspection in the United States. The TDI technology will be proprietary to NVI for the near future. Read More »