Cathodic Protections

Cathodic protection controls the corrosion of metal surfaces by effectively turning them into the cathode of an electrochemical cell.  The technician connects a sacrificial metal, which serves as an anode, to the objects—for instance, a tank or length piping needing protection.  The sacrificial metal anode will corrode before the protected element begins to deteriorate.


NVI provides close interval routine inspections for cathodic protection integrity.  These inspections meet or exceed API 651 criteria.  We perform cathodic protection surveys in onshore and offshore environments (often while performing topside inspections).  They are conducted by technicians specially trained to evaluate anode conditions and who are knowledgeable about anode installations.  As part of the inspection, we will produce detailed drawings of well sites that identify anode locations.

Anode Installations

NVI employs specialized personnel trained to properly dig and install anodes while preserving the integrity of multiple types of equipment.  As a matter of policy, NVI always contacts a states’ “one-call” service before an installation.

Level 1 Topside

NVI performs full visual surveys in compliance with all NACE regulations.

Level 2 and 3 Meeting API RP 2A

NVI’s Level 2 and Level 3 surveys include flooded member, cathodic protection potential on platforms and risers, anode inspection and installation, visual riser inspection, magnetic particle inspection, and structure damage inspection.

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