The pipeline integrity department at NVI is built off of a solid foundation of honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on providing the client with a realistic expectation of what we can do and the services we can provide. Our goal is to hire and train technicians as well as provide them with the most advanced tools in the industry so that we can offer the client a best in class service that will meet and exceed expectations.

NVI conducts direct assessments of pipeline corrosion to determine which indications from indirect assessments are most severe and where additional data collection is required to assess corrosion activity.  We typically use C-scan inspections to map out areas of corrosion.  Direct assessment includes prioritizing indications from previous indirect inspections; excavating and data collection at areas where corrosion is most likely; measurements of coating damage and corrosion defects; analysis of the severity of the corroded areas to assess their remaining strength; root cause analysis; and process evaluation.