Sky Services

“One more integral service line that completes NVI’s commitment to being the life partner of your asset!”

NVI is uniquely qualified to support both your manned and unmanned aviation and aerial needs. We are FAA Part 91 and Part 135 certified. That means all of your operations will be carefully planned by licensed commercial pilots and approved prior to execution by our Director of Flight Operations.

The benefits for this type of inspection are exceptional.

  • Quality and Precision
  • Speed
  • Emergency Deploy Service – When a project is in need of an immediate inspection, Drones are the answer.
  • The ability to operate in environments that are not accessible by manned aircraft or on the ground.
  • Elevated structures that are hazardous to personnel such as oil rigs, platforms, towers, etc.
  • Minimal Health and Safety Risk

Pipeline Patrol Services
Gas Leak Detection
Visual Inspections
Thermal Imagery
ROW Flood Monitoring/Surveillance-Patrol
Encroachment Monitoring-Patrol
HDD Planning
Commercial Videoing
High Speed Project Progression Video
Vegetation Monitoring
Geo-Located Imagery
Power Line Patrol
Quality Foreign Obstacles/ Pipeline Abnormalities
Photography For Marketing and Sale of an Asset
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