June Spotlight Service: Heat Treatment

2022-03-17T20:14:28+00:00June 1st, 2017|

Gray, Louisiana – June 1, 2017 —  NVI, LLC, a privately held industrial solutions provider, offers both onsite and offsite heat treatment services to our clients. The key to this for us is flexibility. With highly-trained technicians and the latest technology, we can combine both approaches, designing customized solutions offsite for deployment onsite. This flexibility can save clients time and money. With many options to satisfy our client’s needs, we are confident that we are the best choice for your Heat Treatment needs.

NVI performs on-site heat treatment services with portable furnaces ranging from 4 feet to 46 feet. We also have a fleet of self-contained mobile heat treatment rigs with up to 18 zones – expandable upon request. Our self-contained mobile units are generator-powered and include all of the latest generation in control equipment, enabling us to perform heat treatment services just about anywhere. In cases where there is a high density of welds, we can also transport small furnaces or bring furnace panel’s onsite and bolt them together in the most appropriate configuration for large projects as well as the internal firing of large vessels and boilers.  NVI’s in-house engineering and metallurgist capacity allow us to review and verify the accuracy of procedures. Often times we may have an alternative procedure with significant cost savings.

NVI also offers wireless controlled heat treatment units. These systems offer substantial savings in labor cost on large long-term projects. With this system in a pre-heat or PWHT configuration, it is possible to monitor and control up to 16 units from a single location thereby reducing labor dramatically during long pre-heating and PWHT cycles.

The Heat Treatment services we provide include pre-heating, post-weld heat treatment, annealing, hardening, refractory bake-out, and quenching.

For additional information or to request rates please visit our website at http://nvindt.develop/services/heat-treatment-services/ or contact Robbie Bush, VP of Heat Treatment Services. RBush@nvindt.com