NVI’s Brandon Babin Receives Chief Technology Officer Promotion

2022-03-17T19:12:55+00:00February 15th, 2019|

Gray, LA – February 15, 2019 – NVI, LLC’s Chief Executive Officer, James Cloutier, is pleased to announce the internal promotion for Brandon Babin as Chief Technology Officer. Brandon joined NVI in 2011 as the IT Director and President of NVI Technologies, a subsidiary to NVI. Throughout his eight years with NVI, he has shown his perseverance and dedication which has allowed him to showcase his specialty in application development, design, and implementation and received such an honorable promotion.

Cloutier states, “NVI’s continued steady growth and its reliance on its people paired with the proprietary field applications developed by Mr. Babin has been a crucial part of our success as a technology leader in the NDT and compliance market.” With this new role, he will face new beginnings as well as challenges, but NVI is confident a job well-done will be the result. He will oversee the technology infrastructure of NVI, its subsidiaries, and advance automation and application development to achieve NVI’s growth strategy.

With many years of experience, Brandon is fully capable of success in this new role. He graduated from Nicholls with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems. After graduation, he hit the ground running trying to gain as much experience as he could. Prior to hiring on at NVI, Brandon was a contracted as a consultant for three years before making a move to join the team full-time. NVI is excited and eager to see what the future holds for Brandon and the success of the company.

Brandon Babin, Chief Technology Officer, said “I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead in such a company. I’m looking forward to further develop and implement industry leading technology to better serve our clients.”