• Internal Automatic Pipeline Crawler

    NVI’s strategic alliance with the world’s leading manufacturers of nuclear sources used in gamma radiography allows us the ability to maintain strong source strength on all projects.

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  • Mechanical Integrity

    NVI specializes in mechanical integrity inspection programs for piping systems, pressure vessels, tanks and related components to ensure integrity and fitness for service.

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  • Heat Treatment

    NVI provides onsite/in-house heat treatment services such as Preheating, Post Weld Treatment, Bake Outs, Line Thaws, Refractory Dry Outs, Coating Cures, Vessel Firings, and Portable Furnances.

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  • Phased Array

    The phased array transducer consists of multiple aligned transducers (elements). Each element is pulsed individually to create various angles.

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  • Cathodic Protection

    Cathodic protection controls the corrosion of metal surfaces by effectively turning them into the cathode of an electrochemical cell.

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  • Pipeline Integrity (Direct Assessment

    The Pipeline Integrity department at NVI is built off of a solid foundation of honesty and integrity. The company prides ourselves on providing the client with a realistic expectation of what it can do and the services it provides.

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Through the excellence of our people and products, we provide specialized technical services to assess quality, verify standards and specification compliance, improve the performance, and extend the life of materials and processes for industries worldwide.

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