• Rope Access

    NVI employs SPRAT-certified Level I, II, and III rope access technicians for projects that would otherwise require scaffolding.

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  • Service Offerings

    With our highly trained technicians and vast variety of service offerings, NVI is confident that we can fit the needs of each and every client that comes our way.

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  • Remote Monitoring

    NVI’s exclusive solution for North America is the deployment of real time monitoring systems designed by A3 Monitoring.

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  • Mechanical Integrity

    NVI specializes in mechanical integrity inspection programs for piping systems, pressure vessels, tanks and related components to ensure integrity and fitness for service.

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  • Pipeline Integrity (Direct Assessment

    The Pipeline Integrity department at NVI is built off of a solid foundation of honesty and integrity.

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  • Magnetic Particle Testing

    NVI, LLC, a worldwide industrial solutions provider, recently completed a highly critical project in International waters off the coast of Israel.

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Our Mission

Through the excellence of our people and products, we provide specialized technical services to assess quality, verify standards and specification compliance, improve the performance, and extend the life of materials and processes for industries worldwide.

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