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Service Offerings

Conventional NDE

Offering cutting-edge nondestructive testing solutions for comprehensive material testing.

Heat Treatment

Providing controlled heat treatment processes to enhance material properties and structural integrity.

Asset Integrity

Ensuring the longevity and reliability of industrial assets through meticulous inspection and Mechanical Integrity services.

Aerial Inspection

Providing high-altitude inspections, surveys, and data collection using advanced aerial technologies.

Pipeline Integrity

Safeguarding the operational efficiency of pipelines by employing rigorous monitoring and assessment protocols.


Delivering specialized solutions for the maritime industry to ensure safety, compliance, and performance of vessels and offshore structures.

Metallurgy & ENG.

Offering expertise in metallurgical analysis and a range of engineering solutions to meet diverse industrial needs.

Rope Access

Utilizing skilled technicians on ropes to access challenging work environments, performing and inspections with precision.

Unparalleled Industrial NDE Solutions: 

NVI’s Dedication to Reliability and Precision

NVI is a global provider of industrial NDE solutions catering to companies with critical infrastructure
needs. We are committed to delivering unparalleled reliability and exceptional customer service through
our speed, adaptability, and precision. At NVI, we persistently invest in our workforce, methodologies,
and technology to ensure that we provide the most efficient solutions, regardless of location, timeline,
or complexity, while maintaining the highest safety standards.