Code of Ethics

To Whom It May Concern,

We ask you to pay particular attention to avoiding potential conflicts of interests. We are an inspection company, and it is our obligation to give our clients unbiased information based on the guidelines of the codes in the inspection industry. Employees and contractors may not accept gifts, entertainment, services or favors beyond normal and modest business courtesies, or anything that could influence them to act in any manner not in the best interest of NVI, LLC or create an impression that you are personally obligated to a firm or individual with whom the organization does business. Contractors who deal with other vendors on our behalf must disclose to their supervisor any gifts and entertainment offered to them. You shall never be asked for favors in exchange for your services. That is not the way NVI, LLC conducts business, and we want to know if at any time you are asked to provide gifts or entertainment.

We also require our employees, as well as contractors who do business on our behalf, to disclose family or financial relationships with vendors that may create potential conflicts of interest, so that we can implement procedures to prevent actual conflicts from arising. If you are aware of conflicts of interest involving any of our employees or contractors that you believe have not been resolved, we want to know about that too. Similarly, when you represent NVI, LLC we need to know of any conflicts that might impact your ability to act objectively in NVI, LLC’s best interest.


Joshua H. Luft
Chief Administrative Officer