NVI Announces New Chief Administrative Officer Blake Naquin effective January 18, 2024


NVI is excited to announce the promotion of Blake Naquin as our new Chief Administrative Officer. In this pivotal role, Blake will play a key part in coordinating with executives and business leaders across our organization. His goal will be to ensure a seamless alignment of our leadership direction and strategy at all levels.


“Having worked alongside Blake for over a decade, I have witnessed first-hand his dedication and expertise. We have navigated numerous challenges together, both in our day-to-day operations and in our strategic endeavors. Blake’s commitment to our core values, focusing on sustainable growth and a culture of fairness and value for both employees and clients, has been unwavering.” – Josh Luft, CEO


Blake Naquin
Chief Administrative Officer

Blake’s responsibilities will include overseeing the development and implementation of company policies, enhancing our communication strategies, and monitoring progress in departmental objectives.  He will remain a vital contributor to our leadership and strategic planning. His collaboration with our Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President will be instrumental in maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of our organization.  Additionally, Blake will continue to oversee our Safety and HR Department, ensuring excellence in recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluating staff performance.  He will also oversee our Logistics department – critical to our mission of operational efficiency.